Treatments & Waxing

Our plant-powered hair treatments give you luminous, healthy looking hair. How? By tapping the wisdom of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India, and combining it with the power of touch. With aroma-therapeutic essential oils, our treatments create a healthy scalp–the foundation for beautiful hair.  

Breakthrough plant micro technology penetrates strands for intense moisture or repair with customized treatments to meet your personal needs and restore balance to the ecosystem of your scalp and hair. 

Botanical Hair & Scalp Renewal: Treatment Includes a blow dry

Like a spa service for your head. Begins with a restorative scalp treatment & ends with a trans-formative moisture or repair treatment. Detoxes your scalp to set the stage for beautiful hair & improves dry hair up to 86% with the power or buriti & pomegranate oils, leaving strands soft, silky & shiny - $45+

Add-on Express Hair treatment  - $25+

Waxing - We use Hot Wax and Sugar Waxing  

Sugar wax is a paste made from a combination of sugar, honey, water and lemon juice that can penetrate deeper into the hair follicle resulting in less discomfort then traditional waxing. 

Sugar Waxing  $25+

Eye & Lip Waxing $15+                                           

Bikini  $45+                      

Brazilian  $70+                        

Underarm  $30+              

Full Face Sugar  $30+   

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