Spa Services

Spa Packages                                                                                                                

Step into our day spa and experience treatments (cleansing, detoxing, nurturing, and renewing) that contribute to overall health and wellness and achieve complete relaxation.

Nail Care                                                                                                                     

Spray Tans                                                                                                                 



 Elemental Nature Massage – 30 mins $38+, 60 mins $58+

       A customized massage experience with your favorite Aveda Chakra aromas.

 Stress Fix Massage – 60 mins $58+

       Clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress, this massage combines the power of Swedish and deep tissue massage with acupressure, foot reflexology, and our stress fix aroma.

 Chakra Massage  - 60 mins $58+

       This treatment features deep tissue massage on the muscles along your spine, chakra                      reflexology on the feet, and chakra energy work to relax the body, ease muscle tension, sooth the mind, and restore balance to your charka system. For the duration of this massage, guests will be guided through a meditation to aid in stress relief.

 Shampure Reflexolgy – 45 min $43+

       Because every organ and gland in the body connects to nerve endings in the feet, this massage is focused on breaking up congestion and dissolving blocked energy.

 Pregnancy Massage – 30 mins. $38+, 60 mins. $58+

 Chair Massage –$8 for 5min, $13 for 10 min

       This service targets the back, neck, and shoulder areas and is perfect for a last minute pick me up.

 Sugar Waxing                                                                                                                             

Experience the natural approach to waxing that gives a smoother, less irritating wax for face
and body.

          *Two weeks of hair growth is preferred to achieve best results

                             Call salon for body wax pricing


 Polish Change- $13

       Multitask while enjoying another service or enjoy a quick pick me up on your lunch break;                includes a quick shaping of the nail and your choice of polish. 

Regular Manicure- $20+ French $25+

       Enjoy Aveda’s signature aromas while getting detail work on cuticles and nails; finish with your choice of polish. 

 Shellac Manicure- $30+

       High gloss nails (instantly dry) that resist chipping. Get the manicure that lasts up to two                weeks! Service includes filing, trimming, cuticle work and polish application.
            *Please inform salon if you need gel removal to allow for ample appointment time. 

 Express Pedicure- $27+

       Enjoy this 30 min service in our relaxing pedicure thrones that have a built in massage chair and foot bath with jets. Service includes filing, trimming, cuticle work, massage and your choice of polish.

 Spa Pedicure- $35+

       This service includes foot bath, filing, trimming, cuticle work, callus removal, calf and foot            massage, and hot towel wrap. 

 Nail art- additional $5-10 charge 

 Body Wraps                                                                                                                               

 Dry Room Wrap - 60 mins $58+

       Renew your mind and body with this stimulating and nurturing seaweed body wrap treatment          featuring your choice of aroma from Aveda's body care products (Stress-Fix, Shampure, Rosemary-Mint, or Beautifying). This treatment includes a dry exfoliation, seaweed masque application to the back, scalp & face massage, and foot reflexology treatment. 

 Wet Room Wrap - 60 mins $88+

       Your service begins like the Dry Room Wrap, but the seaweed masque is applied to the entire body.  The guest is then taken to the walk-in shower. After a refreshing shower, (in our walk in shower) a hydrating, botanical creme is applied. This treatment includes a scalp & face massage and foot reflexology treatment.

At Trendue, we allow our guests to create their own spa packages.

 A spray tan technician will consult you in getting the best tan for your skin. Leave feeling beautiful and bronzed with our Norvell products.

 Venetian One - $50

       Our most popular spray tan gives you the option of rinsing in 1-3 hours. (1 hour: slight glow, 2 hours: more bronzed, 3 hours: maximum tan)

            *Still necessary to wait 24 hours to use cleansers, moisturizers, etc.

 Dark or Double Dark - $35

       Choose between dark and double dark. With these spray tans, it is recommended to wait 2 hours to rinse; however, if you feel it is necessary, you may rinse in 10 hours.


                          *Still necessary to wait 24 hours to use cleansers, moisturizers, etc.