Trendue Salon & Spa
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Skin Care


You will get the opportunity to work with a professional skin care specialist who will examine and treat your skin in a way that will improve your complexion and cleanse your pores. You will receive a personalized experience that is accommodated to fit your specific needs. 

Elemental Nature Facial- $60+                                                                                                              

       Nourish your skin with a customized facial; includes two masques, your choice of aroma,                  and Aveda’s signature massage techniques.

Botanical Skin Resurfacing Treatment-$58+                                                                                         

       Aveda’s form of manual microdermabrasion reveals a radiant complexion and smoother skin            without the redness or irritation.

Essential Back Treatment-$88+                                                                                                            

       Purify your back with pure plant and flower essences. Your skin will be refined followed by a            relaxing massage and an herbal treatment masque. This treatment is great for back acne and          brides getting ready for their big day.

Dual Exfoliation-$88+                                                                                                                            

       This treatment combines the power of mechanical and biochemical exfoliation methods to              transform the skin, resulting in: improved skin texture, clarity and radiance; smoothed                    appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and refined pores. You’ll leave with fresher, younger-            looking skin. Immediate, visible results in one treatment.

Perfecting Plant Peel – add-on to your facial $18, 30 min treatment $48+

       A chemical free peel that equals the results of a 30% Glycolic peel (without the associated                redness or irritation) for instant exfoliation and radiance. 

Express Facial - $40+

       Great for lunch breaks or a quick wellness, this 30 minute customized facial includes one                masque and your choice of a hand/arm massage or a foot massage.